About us

Servizi Diagnostici srl is a company specialized in the distribution of diagnostic products and systems for public and private analysis laboratories.

Founded in 1998 with a trade mission, on the basis of professional experience and in relation to the background of those who promoted the establishment, the SD was initially addressed to the microbiological side, with the collaboration, then as now, of national and international companies accredited in the field with a high propensity to technological development.

Over the years the company has acquired skills and knowledge of all areas of the diagnostic branch of all the phases that, starting from the pre-analysis, involving an analysis laboratory, ensuring, for this, the quality of service provided to the patient.

Collaboration with leading companies in the industry, along with the operations of qualified personnel, ensures an ongoing relationship with the laboratory staff, with a service of technical, specialistic and applicational assistance, that can satisfy efficiently the needs of a modern analysis laboratory.

In light of all this, Servizi Diagnostici is able to propose and develop, regardless of the size of the client, global solutions that take account of technological platforms, volumes, and methods of diagnostic protocols in place.


Servizi Diagnostici è un'azienda certificata secondo le norme EN ISO 9001:2008
(certificato n. IQ - 0806 - 14)

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